New to Girl Scouts is the Windhorse path Colonial Spanish Preservation patch featuring "the forgotten horses" film as part of this patch

This Explore Patch will introduce Scouts to rare breed conservancy by introducing them to 3 different strains of the endangered Colonial Spanish Mustang: The Corolla, the Baca, and the East/West Cross and we will discuss other strains.

There is a living history component explaining where the Colonial Spanish Horse, America’s first horse, came from and where they are today. There is a component explaining their particular challenges and why they are considered endangered. There is a component comparing the conformation or body type of the modern horse and the Colonial Spanish Horse and what the differences are between breeds. There is a component teaching how a Scout may choose to help these horses if they should choose to do so.

Each Scout will have the opportunity to groom and do some basic groundwork with a Colonial Spanish Horse.


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